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Wellness, WordPress Healthy Lifestyle Blog Theme


Wellness Health, Fitness, Free Lifestyle Blog Theme

ThemeFuse’s Wellness Theme is a dedicated website theme for site’s in the medical and health related fields. It runs under the Core Framework that supports WordPress content management systems.  The main draw of the Wellness Theme for WordPress is it’s clean and professional-looking design. This fits its target audience of doctors, dentists, and other allied health care practitioners well.  Another feature of the Wellness Theme for WordPress is a built-in appointment plugin called Request Appointment. This feature can be placed anywhere in the website using it’s built-in shortcode or using the pre-made appointment page template. Aside from that, the Wellness Theme also includes other pre-made page templates for Services, Team Members, and Google Maps, and testimonials.

The Wellness Theme also includes three types of image sliders: Layers Slider, the Revolution Slider, and a built-in ThemeFuse Slider.  As with other WordPress theme, the Wellness Theme can easily be customized depending on your needs. The theme also includes translation ready files — making it convenient for localizing the theme to fit the native language of your target audience.

The Wellness Theme does not only suit health care professionals but may also be used as a personal website theme for bloggers, freelancers, and other professionals who want a clutter-free website of their own.

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MedPark, Medical and Dental Theme for WordPress Healthcare Sites

MedPark WordPress medical theme for hospitals

As part of our collection of medical themes, which you can find here.  WordPress Medical Themes, Doctors, Dentists, Healthcare and Health Clinics  You just know that MedPark is going to be a full featured theme that’s really ideal for all sorts of medical related websites.  It is.

Medpark Theme for Doctor's Offices

MedPark is a WordPress theme designed for hospital and health center websites. It’s also ideal for creating university and education sites. Powered by the Tesla Framework, this theme provides you with an option of various page templates, 5 different types of custom posts, and 4 custom widgets. It also comes with shortcodes that will enable anyone to build a professional layout even without high-level web development know-how. If you’re considering this theme for a medical-related site, it would be great to know that MedPark includes a Doctor’s Page where blog visitors can look up the names of different types of medics and specialists. Each personal account is conveniently managed through the Users section found in your WordPress Admin. Another unique feature is the list of Medical Services which shows prospective clients what level of healthcare your facility offers. Related to businesses are these themes: Business, Corporate WordPress Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce Theme  You may find them to be helpful to you.

Medpark get to know the doctors page

MedPark also allows potential clients to register appointments online. Additionally, there’s a Timetable which reveals the availability of each particular healthcare provider.

Tesla Themes Medpark theme is awesome!

Selling medical insurance? Take advantage of MedPark’s Pricing Table where you can clearly and concisely present to soon-to-be clients the comparison between the various packages that you’re offering. If you wish to use MedPark for a university blog or an education-related website, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easily customizable. You and your team can write regular entries in the Blog section where you can share helpful and keyword-rich articles about health or education. Doing so optimizes the visibility of your site online. Your content can be neatly categorized according to recent posts and most popular articles. Moreover, MedPark enables you to monetize your blog by allowing you to insert ads on your sidebar. Other notable features of this theme which will convert your site visits to sales include the newsletter invitation bar and the contact page, which comes complete with a location map and a receptive messaging form.  WordPress Minimalist Themes, Simple, Sleek, Clean and Modern

For blogs, hospitals, medical centers, health centers, education websites, schools, universities or any other related website, MedPark includes everything you need to run a health care/education website efficiently.

MedPark is a Premium WordPress Theme created for medical or education related websites. It has a clean, responsive layout with a beautiful slider and a wide range of elements/features specially created for medical related sites, like: medical services, our doctors, timetable, make an appointment, etc.

MedPark is a highly customizable theme that includes our latest features, all powered by Tesla Framework. It includes 5 custom post types (Slider, Services, Timetable, Testimonials, Appointment), 4 custom widgets, different page templates (Our doctors, Timetable, Contact page) and a lot of shortcodes to build your layout anyway you wish.

  • Our doctors page – a dedicated area with all the doctors and types of specialists, each doctor has a personal account, managed from the “Users” section in WordPress admin.
  • Medical services – listing all available medical services. You can customize your single service web page by adding different shotcodes and widgets.
  • Make an appointment – allowing users to register an appointment. All the info is stored and managed from a dedicated area in your back end.
  • Timetable – showing the working hours and availability of particular doctors.

In terms of customization, MedPark is powered by Tesla Framework, a powerful administration tool that comprises all our great features and allows you to easily customize the look and functionality of your theme, without advanced knowledge of programming. It gives you the possibility to customize and manage your theme settings from a dedicated area within your WordPress Admin.

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Wellness, Doctors, Dentists, Health Clinics and Medical Centers

wellness healthcare theme for WordPress

ThemeFuse’s Wellness Theme is a dedicated website theme for site’s in the medical and health related fields. It runs under the Core Framework that supports WordPress content management systems.  The main draw of the Wellness Theme for WordPress is it’s clean and professional-looking design. This fits its target audience of doctors, dentists, and other allied health care practitioners well.  Another feature of the Wellness Theme for WordPress is a built-in appointment plugin called Request Appointment. This feature can be placed anywhere in the website using it’s built-in shortcode or using the pre-made appointment page template. Aside from that, the Wellness Theme also includes other pre-made page templates for Services, Team Members, and Google Maps, and testimonials.

Here’s a theme that’s quite similar to Wellness, you may have some interest in it.  Vital, WordPress Theme for Dental Office or Dental Hygenist

The Wellness Theme also includes three types of image sliders: Layers Slider, the Revolution Slider, and a built-in ThemeFuse Slider.  As with other WordPress theme, the Wellness Theme can easily be customized depending on your needs. The theme also includes translation ready files — making it convenient for localizing the theme to fit the native language of your target audience.

The Wellness Theme does not only suit health care professionals but may also be used as a personal website theme for bloggers, freelancers, and other professionals who want a clutter-free website of their own.  So, if that’s how you ended up here, maybe check out this collection.  WordPress Food Blog Themes, Recipes and Cooking Articles

What you can do with Wellness

Wellness is suitable for those that need to present their services in a professional and extremely precise way. It is well suited for doctors, hospitals, dentists, health clinics because it has a professional and formal approach that inspires trust. The template can be used quickly. Installation requires seconds.


Advantages of this WP theme

It has all the features that a good doctor expects his site to have: diligence, attention to details, professionalism. What we like most regarding this template is the flavor of reliability and safeness that is expressed. People should trust the doctor or clinic they choose; that’s why we designed an intensely skillful looking website.


Built-in unique features

Services presentation, testimonials, Google Maps – all these indispensable tools can make the difference when talking about website quality and clients trust. Another user-friendly instrument that Wellness has is a comfortable Request Appointment that brings you closer to your customers by its usability and clearness.


Additional theme’s details

The team page gives to you a nice way to present the experienced team of doctors & their working skills. You give to your potential customers a chance to get in touch with their doctors and to know them better. It is an important aspect to make your client feel safer and more comfortable in your clinic or cabinet.

WordPress Medical Themes, Doctors, Dentists, Healthcare and Health Clinics

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WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Fitness Themes, Gyms, Personal Training and Yoga Studios

WordPress Fitness Themes

Looking for a theme for your fitness center, gym, weight room or aerobics class?  How about a personal training business?  What about a general fitness blog with healthy living tips, recipes and workout routines?  No matter what your need, these fitness WordPress themes have what it takes to run a successful business.

If you run a gym or you’re building a site for a client who is a personal trainer, fitness expert or you need to establish an online presence for gym memberships, fitness products or other physical training related businesses, we’ve assembled a list of some of the best WordPress fitness themes around.


Kette – Make the Changes to Your Body Fitness Theme

Want to create a beautiful and professional sports related website?  If you’re a yoga instructor, personal trainer, you own a small gym or teach spinning classes or martial arts, you can make an awesome looking website with Kette.  Add in WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 support and other plugins that help make your business a success.  Kette has all the feature’s you’d expect from a modern theme, it’s responsive and Retina ready, it’s got tons of pre-made demo sites to extend the way your site can be customized.  Overall, the style is totally modern, it’s got a flat style that really lends itself to great imagery, text that gets attention and an online shop that gets results and drives sales.

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Fitness Zone

Fitness Zone WordPress Gym theme

This is Fitness Zone, a powerful fitness theme that makes a great impression for gyms, personal trainers and other fitness related businesses.  With Fitness Zone, you’ve got five page layouts to select from, as well as five header styles and a dozen simple to operate ‘skins’ to give your site a unique look.  There’s also Mega Menu support, sticy navigation, a blog page with comments section, tons of short codes and plenty more great features in this responsive, professional theme.  Fitness Zone even supports eCommerce, so if you’re selling products, that’s a great benefit.  With a timetable plugin, you can support schedules with a view of upcoming fitness related events.  There’s even a cool body mass index calculator included. Maybe the best feature I’ve seen in this theme, a detailed workouts page, it’s a custom post type for posting workout samples, with a step by step tutorial for each workout, images and videos too.  Pretty cool.

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justfit WordPress fitness and personal training theme

This is JustFit, an exciting new WordPress fitness theme, great for personal trainers, yoga studios, gyms and a lot more.  With JustFit, you get an ultimate fitness and exercise theme for WordPress.  If you’re a personal trainer, JustFit makes building a successful business relatively pain-free.  For creating a fitness community, JustFit is a great choice too.  Maybe you’re publishing a magazine?  Well, JustFit does an amazing job of handing that task as well.  JustFit is completely flexible and it can help you grow your online following with a whole bunch of amazing features and functions.  Testimonials, workout routines, fitness videos, products and more.  Your blog needs to be a big part of your fitness business, which is why JustFit’s blog is sleek and attractive, perfect for any type of post or content material.  Drag and Drop functionality means this theme will look exactly how you want it to look too.

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Ultra Gym and Fitness Theme

A great fitness theme can really make your business look professional and it’s a great way to give your potential clients a fantastic user experience, allowing them to get all the information they need to make an informed decision about the services you offer.  That’s what Ultra is all about.  If you run a gym, a personal training service or you sell fitness products, this theme is a top notch choice.  With WooCommerce, you can let customers subscribe to your services online, no more running credit cards at the front counter.  With Ultra, if you need additional features of flexibility, the handy drag and drop page builder is a fantastic feature, since you can create any content you need.  One click demo data import means your fitness theme will be installed quickly, all you have to do is create some content, swap in your photos and your site will be up and running in no time.


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Blogging Box WordPress Fitness and Gym Theme

Whether it’s fitness articles, training tips, healthy cooking tips or workout routines, millions of people look for information about the health, fitness and lifestyle every day.  If you select a theme like BloggingBox, and you work incredibly hard to build up content, you can create a fantastic website that folks will love, relying on you for the latest information about fitness.  BloggingBox is a multipurpose WordPress theme, with several elegantly designed layouts, each one of the perfectly responsive.  With BloggingBox, you’ll have the flexibility to create a site that is easy to navigate, simple to use for both front end and back end users and one that will really draw in a huge audience.  Perfect SEO, fast page load speeds, advanced theme options and typography, unlimited colors and more, you can even translate this theme into  any language you choose.  WooCommerce and AdSense are two popular ways to monetize any blog and BloggingBox is built to work wonderfully with both of those tools.  Good luck!

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Infinite – Fitness – Just another Infinite Demos Sites site

This fitness portal is called Infinite.  Well, don’t think of the entire theme as being about fitness, it’s really just this demo, there are a ton of pre-made demo sites that mean Infinite can work for a ton of different types of websites.  I guess that’s why they call it Infinite?  There’s an applications promo demo, one for converences and events, several creative styles for agency portfolios, a demo made for architecture firms, several business templates, medical site styles, and multiple creative portfolio and blog styles rangingfrom simple to intricate.  But this is a collection about fitness and gyms, so that’s what I recommend the Infinite theme for.  Created by one of my favorite developers, GoodLayers, Infinite is easy to use, easy to customize and has all the features needed to make a really amazing gym websites.  WooCommerce, great documentation, fantastic support, the list of features goes on and on.

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Gym & Fit

gym and fit wordpress fitness theme

Whether it’s martial arts or boxing, dance, spinning classes, crossfit or aerobics, Gym & Fit is a theme that’s build specifically with gyms and other fitness centers in mind.  It’s all about an active lifestyle.  There are built in scheduling features powered by Events Calendar Pro, so it’s great for gyms and personal trainers who offer scheduled classes and events.  Not an expert at coding CSS and HTML?  No big deal Gym & Fit makes it simple for even a beginner to adjust almost any setting.  As a responsive theme, Gym & Fit will look incredible on any sort of device and in my experience, this is a very well supported theme for anyone to use.

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Sportify WordPress fitness theme

Tesla Themes presents Sportify, a fitness and sports related template which gives you every tool you’d need to create a really cool sports, gym or fitness related website with really alluring content.  Sportify is totally premium, it’s got a flat design, loads of features and a lot of attractive design elements that make it a big hit.  Animations, eCOmmerce, transition effects, gorgeous sliders and more.  As for customization, it’s simple with all Tesla Themes, and Sportify is no exception.  With Tesla Themes, you also get great support and strong documentation, so it’s always simple to get started.

A Multi-purpose WordPress theme that’s primarily used for anything connected to sports, fitness, and gyms, Sportify could make it easier for you to represent your sport in a manner you see fit. A sports-related website is something that should have a good mix of photos, videos, graphics, and text—and one that can be quite engaging for those who read it. This theme has so many great features that can make your blog better, with its prime feature being the Revolution Slider—something that gives you a drag and drop editor, reliable animation and transition effects, and images and videos that you can easily customize to your liking.

If there’s something that’s really awe-inspiring about Spotify, it’s the fact that Sportify is backed by Tesla Framework, which is an incredibly powerful administration and frame tool that helps you give your theme more functionality. This way, you can create a custom background not only for the whole website, but also for certain pages; contacts that come with mapping icons—so it would be easier for you to know who you are dealing with; social sharing Icons, so gaining traffic would be easier; and there are also various custom widgets that you can use—so you can add what you feel would make your site easier to navigate. You can even customize posts by adding pre-defined elements, such as team members, testimonials, calendars, and anything else that you feel like sharing. There’s also an AJAX content form that works even without reloading the page—and that’s something that does not happen in most websites.

With Sportify, you can also filter your timetables so that you won’t be sharing your whole life and story with just about anyone. This way, there’d still be some mystery and people would really take what you post seriously—making business both fun, and professional for you.

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One page – Athlete WordPress Theme Reviews

Athlete is a great choice of theme if you’re in the fitness, boxing, or gym niche—or anything close. It has this contemporary design that exudes of life and energy, and is quite responsive, even if it has lots of customizable features. A gym or fitness blog that’s responsive is great because you’re dealing with people who want to improve their health, and who want to know whether a certain gym or fitness center is available or not—so getting back to them on time is crucial. It also has various homepage versions—so you won’t get stuck on something that you don’t feel comfortable with, and you can be sure that your website would be something that you can be proud of.

This theme has responsive support. Not only does it load fast, it also works in high quality in all devices, so you wouldn’t have to feel like you have to use the computer just so you’d get the whole feel of a certain website—and this is really important if you want to gain your readers’ trust and loyalty. It also offers trainer management and fitness class paradigm that allows you to create class schedules, and make use of full galleries that can help you put on display some of the latest happenings in class that you’d want to share with others. Advanced options are also available to enhance the look and feel of the website, and even has a Woo Commerce option that makes it easier for you to sell fitness-related goods, or get payments for classes or training sessions, and the like. And, if you choose to try the demo, you can instantly import and make use of the theme with just one click, too. Athlete could really turn things around not only for your blog, but for your whole place in the niche, as well.

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WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Medical Themes, Doctors, Dentists, Healthcare and Health Clinics

WordPress Medical Themes

For all your health care needs, we provide an unbelievable WordPress medical themes collection. Dentists, doctors, health clinics and more, everybody demands a fantastic looking WordPress website to make a terrific first impression.



Medi WordPress medical and healthcare theme


Medi is a full featured theme for hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, physician’s offices and all health professionals, no matter the area. Medi includes a lot of attributes that perfectly give it to the healthcare field, such as Personnel and Services article types to showcase who you are and what you offer. Medi’s homepage offers drag and drop layout, which means you may create a great looking theme without any coding skills required. You will find custom widgets for social websites with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and much more. Multiple predefined designs are included to ensure you have some fantastic alternatives to begin using and this theme is SEO optimized to rank as high as possible in the search engines. Like most of CSSIGniter themes, Medi is updated constantly, offers tons of documentation, quick friendly support and more.

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Medica WordPress Theme is the go-to theme for physicians, owners of health clinics or dentists who wish to put up a web site and showcase their health care services. The theme uses light and neutral tones, which combine perfectly with the easy layouts. Medica is easy to use and could be customized in a number of ways. Individuals without a programming background can adjust its appearance through an visual drawing platform.

Throughout your WordPress admin, then you are able to customize the theme depending on your preferred arrangement. You can change the background, color scheme, font, layout, sidebar position, and a lot more in a matter of seconds. Medica has been rated with 4.53 stars out of 5. The theme is available in different price tiers, appropriate to several types of budget. It can be opened using various browsers and can be used with multiple languages.

Medica comes with an integrated contact form and an Appointments Request form. The latter attribute lets target clients submit a consultation request via the site. Other notable features of this theme include short codes for easy search engine optimization and page or tab arrangement, white tag, custom side bars and a retina-ready design. You may choose from two types of built-in, easy-to-edit sliders as well as different design styles for your website’s blog and normal web pages.

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wellness healthcare theme for WordPress

No matter what kind of health site you require, the ThemeFuse created ‘Wellness’ WordPress theme is built to help to make your business a crushing success. The Core Framework forces Wellness (and about 30 other pre-made demo sites) along with with WordPress, you are likely to find it is very simple to deal with your website, even if you’re relatively new to WordPress. With Wellness, you get a professional and modern website with appointment pages powered from your Request Appointment plugin, which allows you to create an appointment request form by means of a shortcode, anywhere in your website that you want. There are numerous other handy templates included, like services, staff members, Google maps and reviews also.

Demo Demo/Purchase Get Hosting


MedPark WordPress medical theme for hospitals

Created especially for health care providers, MedPark is a professional and well made theme with a lot of flexibility. Powered by the Tesla Themes frame, MedPark provides many different variants to assist you produce a website which has every option and function you require, like five different custom article types, four custom widgets and much more. It’s all about the individual with MedPark, this theme makes it easy for visitors to reserve a consultation on your site. There’s a ‘Doctor’s Page’ where people can look up names of healthcare providers to perform research and get to understand theme. There’s a whole lot of strategies to get your information across and with MedPark, you can even let folks know about pricing and more. In addition to the healthcare aspect, MedPark is also an incredible educational WordPress theme, although we’ll tackle that version in a different collection.

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Vital WordPress Theme by Organic Themes

A great website is sort of like a great grin, it’s a wonderful way to introduce yourself. Healthcare centers, dentists, physicians…everybody can use a professional theme like Vital to help introduce themselves. With Vital, you may add your workers to a ‘group’ page, so you can add testimonials, services, screen your contact information for all to view and the simple, cleancut navigation makes it a cinch for your customers to locate the info they desired to find. Critical is responsive and retina ready, it has got one click presentation data installation that will assist you set your site up quickly, there are tons of tutorials on the best way to use all of Organic Themes, and that means you won’t run into any troubles using this theme.

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Health Center

Home - Health Center

Made specifically for dentists offices, medical practices, doctors, hospitals, surgeons, pediatricians, veterinary clinics and other healthcare related fields, this theme is a wonderful, professional and full service choice for setting up your website quickly and easily.  Any health care related company needs a website and it really should be clean, simple, corporate and sleek.  That’s the Medical Health theme to a ‘tee’.  Medical Health has an appointment or booking form for patients to create an appointment without having to call, there’s a timetable, hours of operation are clearly presented and this theme works well for folks who aren’t experts at web design, no coding is ever required.

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WordPress Themes

Wellness Pro, Feminine WordPress Health Blog Theme

Wellness Pro WordPress Health Blog and Parallax Theme

Wellness Pro is a lifestyle blog, feminine in style and packed with features that help make the blogging process very easy and enjoyable.  With Wellness Pro, you can blog about anything you’d like but the feminine and graceful style lends it to blogs about travel, cooking, homemaking and raising kids.  I think it’s one of the better lifestyle blogs around because the design is so striking and boldly elegant.  A responsive design like Wellness Pro makes for a fantastic user experience on all devices and browsers and this Genesis Framework child theme gives you all the tools and features that make it a great, total solution for all kinds of websites.  Great typography, multiple designs for pages and posts, flexible color schemes and an awesome WooCommerce shop too?  This theme is a real winner.

Do you focus on mindful living? Your attention to health and well-being can now extend to your website. Wellness Pro is here to offer a holistic theme solution for your Genesis-powered site.

Wellness Pro is a really fine theme for creatives, but maybe it’s not quite what you had in mind?  If that’s the case, you’re in luck, we’ve got a big, bold collection of creative WordPress themes you can pick from.  All are of the highest quality.  For additional feminine WordPress themes, check out our collection.  We all love a responsive, easy to edit theme, which is why these Genesis Framework child themes have been so successful over the years.  Ease of use, even for beginners and ease of customization.  That’s the full package.

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WordPress Themes

SocialNow, WordPress Viral and Gossip Magazine, eCommerce Shop, Fashion Blog

Social Now WordPress Magazine theme
Social Now WordPress Fashion Magazine Theme

Fashion magazines, viral blogs, anything that needs a dynamic, professional presentation is going to benefit from Social Now by MyThemeShop.

Welcome to SocialNow, a powerful WordPress magazine theme.

Staying relevant should be your top priority, which is why a delightful looking magazine theme (which is exactly what SocialNow is) is such a great idea.  If you’ve only got a few loyal readers or millions of clicks per day, you want to offer a reliable site that’s easy to navigate and one that offers the best user experience possible.

If your site isn’t up to snuff and it’s got a bad design, it loads slowly, it’s not responsive or some other flaw, your readers won’t enjoy their time on your site.  They may even remember you and decide never to come back.

That’s not good.

So, you need a great looking website, which is where SocialNow comes into the picture.  SocialNow is a well designed WordPress magazine theme from MyThemeShop.  It used to be that you’v have to pay hundreds or even thousands to get a brand new website made.  But now, with WordPress and a great looking premium theme, you don’t have to spend anywhere near that much money.


SocialNow calls itself a tastefully designed multipurpose WordPress theme, which I believe it is.  But judge for yourself, there are a half dozen great looking layouts, optimized for both SEO performance and fast loading times.  Quickly build a social media powerhouse with viral content.  The homepage offers many design choices too with three sliders to choose from.

Here’s the default design.

Social Now WordPress news and Magazine theme

The default design is simple, understated, but it gets the point across. Highly visual, well crafted and professional, your site will look better than ever.

This is all about letting the end user craft and control the type of website they want with a lot of user-friendly, easy to manage style choices possible, your site will look just like you want it to look.

For more WordPress magazine themes, try this collection.

Here’s the news magazine demo.

Social Now WordPress News Magazine Theme

News magazines need great typography and you’re covered here, Social Now is a well organized, easy to read, easy to customize news magazine theme for all kinds of websites.

News, fashion, gossip, you name it, SocialNow is a great frame for any type of content.  What niche are you into?  It doesn’t matter with SocialNow, you’ll be commanding a lot of respect with a theme that looks this professional.  The elegant style, the beautiful typography.  It’s all presented immaculately.  What does a site like ONTD have that you can’t have with a well designed gossip theme?  Same goes for BuzzFeed or Upworthy?

So, let’s let MyTheme Shop have a crack at describing their own theme.  They should know best, right?

SocialNow is a beautiful WordPress theme that is ideal for sites that rely heavily on social media marketing. An intuitive navigation makes it easy for users to find your content, while in-built community tools and social sharing helps you to grow. Tons of features and a truly professional feel round off this awesome package.

Here’s the viral content demo.

Social Now WordPress Viral News Content Theme

There’s nothing better than a great looking website that’s about nothing but viral content. Social Now is all about viral content.

SocialNow is a great looking viral content website, no doubt about it.  Fuel your blogging fire with a fantastic looking viral web magazine theme.  Viral content looks great with WordPress, so why not select a theme that’s purpose built for social networking and driving tons of traffic by going viral.

Check out the health care demo below.

Social Now WordPress Health Care Theme

Here’s a health care theme demo, just one of a whole bunch of demo site styles. I haven’t even done half of them here!

This healthcare magazine theme looks great too, right?  Build trust and win over an audience in no time.  For more great looking healthcare themes for WordPress, we built a great collection you could be into.

Here’s a general shopping cart set up.

Social Now WordPress eCommerce Theme

WooCommerce is always easy to use and with Social Now, it’s even easier. That cart page is slick as a whistle.

Like all themes recently made by MyThemeShop, SocialNow is completely responsive and offers WooCommerce capability.  We’ve gathered up many more WooCommerce WordPress themes here for you to peruse.

Here are some of the incredible features that make SocialNow theme such a versatile, high powered magazine theme:

Well, that does it for this rundown of SocialNow.  What do you say, like it or no?  I think the design could work for a lot of folks.

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