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Notio Responsive Grid Portfolio Theme

Notio WordPress Minimal Clean and Professional Template

Want a fun theme with grid layout and easy to grasp, minimalist style to make a really memorable first impression on the folks who come to your website?  Yeah?  Me too!  Well, Notio is a theme that might be a fit for what you need.  Notio is a high end portfolio theme which also allows for WooCommerce sales of any kind of products, from digitally downloaded files to stuff you normally find in a brick and mortar store.  Notio is easy to use too, simple enough for beginners but fluid and dynamic enough for expert web designers.  I think you’ll find that it’s simple to get started and there are plenty of options to make the site look like you want it without being too arcane.  Tweak the settings, give it a try.  We think you’ll love what you find.

Installation is a cool and easy process, thanks in large part to Notio’s single click installer.  Yeppers, it is what it is.  One click gets the job done.  Get started now, not in a few minutes.  Pretty, pretty, pretty cool.  Visual Composer, which allows you to change up the layout rapidly, is what powers this theme.  Lots of the very best templates on the market are using this powerful tool and it has no limits to what can be build.  No fences.  Notio looks great on any device thanks to retina ready display and that means your WooCommerce driven store with grid layout is going to look amazing and behave even better.

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Collective, WordPress Multipurpose Minimalist Theme


This Collective WordPress theme is hype!  It’s a properly developed, amazing looking theme with a crisp and ground breaking, minimal style to help you establish a fantastic website on any subject. This WordPress minimalist theme is potent, it’s been carefully designed with every kind of buyer at heart, from beginner to expert. With the latest CSS and HTML, this theme is great for blog sites and enterprises of any variety, as this design is a really energetic and cool multi-use website theme, suited to everyone.

Even if you are unfamiliar with the WordPress platform, you may use this theme to generate a dynamic and exceptional webpage rapidly, because almost every thing in this web theme can be edited, even by first time WordPress individuals. It does not matter what type of material you might have, from pictures to blog articles, goods or posts, this WordPress theme allows you to construct an awesome looking theme on any kind of device, since it truly is wholly responsive as well. There are plenty of other features that will help construct viewers and genuinely engage with them.

This Collective WP theme sets up promptly and there are countless plugins that one could use to supply innovative advantages for your web blog.

A perfectly responsive web site is really important, which is why this fabulous, flexible template has been designed to be completely responsive, in order that it looks amazing on any kind of electronic device, every time. You can rapidly construct your own creative designs using this minimal theme, because it is really completely modifiable as well as dynamic, professionally made and designed in every way. It is an absolutely terrific WordPress theme that you ought to surely consider.

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Uncode, Clean and Powerful Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Modern, flat design and a streamlined aesthetic help to make the Uncode WordPress theme a smart choice for professional applications in any industry. The overall feel is one of efficient use of space and highly user-friendly practicality. Native responsiveness allows every element on each page to resize perfectly to display on any monitor or mobile device screen. Uncode also loads quickly and correctly on every internet browser. This ability shows your customers or clients you understand the value of their time and thus forge a respectful rapport from the start. No matter what content or unique design you add, the site visitor experience will be smooth and simple. The Uncode WP theme naturally allows for quality search engine optimization inclusion without much extra effort.

Although Uncode prides itself on simple styling and a clean aesthetic, this theme does offer multiple attention-grabbing elements to entice visitors to stay. One such feature is a collection of high-style CSS3 animated transitions for various icons or elements on the page. Also included are multiple pre-made blog post themes, 15+ portfolio layouts, media galleries and the smooth scrolling function. Unrestricted layout options allow site owners to easily create precise page solutions for whatever content they need to display. The Uncode WordPress theme will not limit your creativity.

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Gonjjo, Minimalist WooCommerce Blog Theme, Blog, Minimalist, WooCommerce, WordPress Themes, Top Notch Themes

Welcome to the world of words that are almost one of the many slang terms for marijuana.  This theme, it’s called Gonjjo and it’s an attractive, simple and minimalist WooCommerce theme that a lot of people are starting to really rave about.  So, it’s not just about WooCommerce, Gonjjo is r…

In case you’re interested in an outstanding free, GPL and multi-purpose WordPress web template, you must thoroughly look at this King theme. This top WordPress theme cuts out the predicaments that many free WP themes possess, which is that they usually do not load fast or maybe they simple don’t provide the features you would like. King’s design is minimal, practical and attractive, so it definitely works perfectly for almost any kind of site. King also has lots of enormous, highly effective functions integrated to ensure it is cutting edge.

Customers will find it easy to individualize their site’s appearance, because King has a limitless selection of offered looks that are possible. There’s absolutely no in depth know-how is needed for the setup or customization process, since King is incredibly practical. For building, you will need the a proper website. King was made to be a perfect sort of blogging theme, useful for any variety of web site. It is possible to publicize any creative work too, King offers an attractive and easy to use portfolio incorporated.

This Silverbow theme is an attractive GPL WordPress theme that very well could be precisely what your searching for. This top WordPress theme cuts out the predicaments that many free WP themes possess, which is that they usually do not load fast or maybe they simple don’t provide the features you would like. For almost any type of content, an excellent minimalist theme is usually going to be an ideal choice. The design won’t get numerous great features that really help help it become an exceedingly efficient theme. Minimalist but highly effective, Silverbow is a professional WordPress theme that never fails to impress.

To customize the fonts and colors of Silverbow, it is easy to execute with the built-in WordPress theme customizer. You absolutely don’t need to be a web designer to take full advantage of Silverbow. Silverbow also presents a wonderful innovative creative web-site, the layout is effective for any sort of business.

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Reveal Artist Portfolio Theme for WordPress

reveal wordpress grid portfolio theme for artistic people and college dropouts

wordpress portfolio themes

Known as a minimal portfolio theme, Reveal will truly help you reveal what you feel like the world has to know about your brand. It is an Ajax-powered project, which means that it is a responsive theme—truly an important facet of themes these days. What’s good is that you can try a live demo, so you’d know if it’s the kind of theme that would go well with your blog, and it even has great theme options that include CSS, custom colors, and even your very own logo so you could personalize both your brand, and your blog all the more!  Here are some more amazing minimalist WordPress themes.

Reveal also makes use of smooth filtering animations and hover effects that would surely make the portfolios you’d create to be outstanding. You can even create your own contact forms, and can also make use of Google Fonts and video support to enhance your website in full. Plus, there are promo codes and discounts that flash onscreen from time to time so you can enjoy the theme without spending too much—especially if you’re only starting to get your hands into creating websites. With a vast list of options that can make your website news better, Reveal certainly is a revelation in itself!

The Reveal WordPress theme is one of those creative and responsive design portfolios that I just can’t keep my eyes off of. This template is ideal for any sort of portfolio with its clean and minimalist style paired with Ajax powered project viewing. That makes this an ideal theme for showing off your best work. With plenty of short codes and tons of theme options this responsive and mobile-friendly WordPress theme has localization support, multiple portfolios with cool animated effects that make your portfolios look incredible and it even supports embedded videos from YouTube or Vimeo or any other of your favorite video websites. There are contact forms and the typography is handled by Google fonts. I think theme trust is one of the best designers in terms of support and you can always count on them to get back to you fast if you should run into problems.  Check out our collection of outstanding WordPress portfolio themes if you’d like to see more themes like Reveal.

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Mango, Minimalist WordPress WooCommerce and Blog Theme

Mango is a theme that seems to offer everything you could want in a WordPress theme.  Speed, eCommerce, simple and modern design, this theme does work in a lot of categories, ticks off all the boxes and hardly even breaks a sweat getting it done.

Mango is high quality creative theme with unique style and clean code. Mango can be used for many purposes starting from creative portfolios, agencies, freelancers and much more.

Mango has a lot of great stylish features that we’ll get to in a moment.  This is the design of the classic portfolio front page.

Mango Classic Portfolio Page WordPress

Clean, simple and elegant, it’s a really timeless design.  Not too much going on, but enough to pique your interest, whet your appetite for more and some other thing that people often misspell.

Here’s the shopping page.  Very simple, very straight to the point and no nonsense.  I love this theme for fashion lines, small galleries and other creative companies who want to sell niche products.

Mango WordPress theme WooCommerce SHop Page

So, what’s so great about Mango anyway?  For one thing, it’s a fast loader.  One of the best around, in fact.

Mango Speed Test 97%

So, I just tested it and it’s a 97% right now.  I’ve seen it perform at 100% in the past, so something has changed, but it’s still absurdly quick to load, the requests are reasonable and it just performs well overall.

You can customize your pages individually, or from the theme options panel.  I love that this template uses the native theme options panel and not some bloated, proprietary thing that’s a monstrosity.

Fully multilingual, Mango comes complete with po-mo files so you can use any translation plugin you like to use this theme in any language under the sun.

Unique portfolio styles, beautiful clean pages, over 600 Google fonts for beautiful typography, full WooCommerce support for beautiful online shops, responsive design that’s also Retina display ready, tons of documentation and so much more.  This theme really does offer a lot fora reasonable price of $49.

All that has led to something pretty special Mango is a perfectly rated theme, nothing but 5 star ratings and so far, they have over 50 of them.  That’s really impressive.

If you want simple, purpose built and minimalist without sacrificing any sort of features and performance, this theme is a great choice.

Take care, comb your hair.

Oh wait, one more thing.  Sort of like Columbo here.  If you like this theme, you may be into a couple other themes by the same developer, Proton and Crate.

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Enoire, Minimalist WordPress Lifestyle Blog and Magazine – Just another WordPress site

I’ll tell you, I wish the theme maker Cresudo did a little bit better job of describing this theme, because it’s attractive and well styled, but it’s tough to figure out what this theme is all about.  Enoire is all about style.  Oh yeah, I should mention, don’t confuse Enoire with our great looking free theme called Empire.  Very similar.  It’s a mistake anybody could make.

I’ll do my best to show you what Enoire is all about.

Enoire is a responsive theme, with a lot of industry standard features and functions, such featured posts, sticky navigation and social media icons included.  There are five great looking blog layouts, four post formats for different types of blog posts and four custom widgets to help you build your website with style.  Translation ready and SEO optimized, Enoire includes demo content to help you get your blog up and running quickly.

One more thing, Enoire is a lovely theme in terms of design for personal blog sites and lifestyle blog pages will look fabulous with this theme.  You could even install a recipe plugin to make Enoire a fast loading, beautiful recipe blogging site.  But don’t feel limitd because with a theme that’s this stylish, this fast loading, this flexible, you can do almost any sort of blogging.

Speaking of load times, check this out, the results from Pingdom.

Enoire Speed Check Pingdom

Just a tick over a second load time for a 4.1 MB site?  That’s like greased lightning!  The benefits of a fast loading theme are really clear, they help your content rank and what’s more, people won’t get tired of waiting for your blog posts to load, that means your bounce rate will drop like a stone.

Tons of benefits to that.

I’d really love to see them add WooCommerce support to this theme but, I guess you can’t always get what you want.  Still, the theme works great if you don’t need a WooCommerce solution and with a little CSS styling, you could always adapt it for an online shopping site.

Another theme we recently reviewed by Cresudo is called Coquinessa.  It’s similar in a lot of ways, but laid out a bit differently, so it may be another great option for you.

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Crate, Fast Loading Minimalist WordPress Grid Portfolio – Minimalist WordPress Theme – Minimalist WordPress Theme

Okay, here we go, a really deliciously simple portfolio theme, minimalist in style and packed with features that make it among the very best themes around.

I’m telling you, this theme loads up fast.  Crate is absolutely bloat free, Neuron Themes has ensured that the code is completely clean and up to the latest standards of the WordPress codex.  It pays off too, this theme loads up incredibly quickly. speed test

There you go, just over a half second load time and the page isn’t exactly tiny, those images add up and the total size is 1.3 MB.  So, a great load time, as you probably know, helps SEO with rankings.  That’s awesome and worth it for those who want to rank as high as possible.

Here’s what Neuron Themes says about Crate.

Minimalist WordPress Theme crafted and built with passion from our team, if you’re looking for a clean and simple minimalist theme, Crate is the right choice for you.

So, what do you get with Crate, aside from a fast loading minimalist theme that’s great for personal blogs and lifestyle blogs alike?  Well, this theme uses the native WordPress live customizer, which is great because if helps you avoid theme lock.  That’s when you find it more difficult to switch themes because of things that your theme does that others don’t.

Crate ensures you have the flexibility to change your mind down the road.

Crate is WPML ready, so it can be translated into any language, which we understand is incredibly important and getting more important every day.  One click demo import can help you save time setting up your website.  The unique portfolio types are also very helpful, with different grid and masonry looks.  I mentioned the lean code already, but it’s worth re-iterating.  With incredible support, you’ve got the full package.

A great blog, with great style, an attractive portfolio option and incredible performance.

It’s all there.

Even though it’s a really nice theme, Crate might not be exactly what you had in mind, so two more great themes by the same developer are Mango and Proton.  We hope you enjoy!

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Proton, Simple and Fast Loading Minimalist Portfolio - Minimal Portfolio Theme Crafted from NeuronThemes - Minimal Portfolio Theme Crafted from NeuronThemes

Want a great looking, minimalist portfolio theme that’s built for style, performance and ideal for creative agencies who want to make a great impression.  Proton aims to be faster, lighter, simpler and better than other themes for every day use.  Classic style or modern style, you can switch between the two with ease.

The theme options are equally powerful, easy to use and user friendly.  Set options page to page or through the entire site at once.  Translation ready, any multilingual plugin works great with this theme, since the po-mo files are included.

I love the different portfolio styles, the masonry grid portfolio is particularly attractive.

This is Neuron Themes, an Elite Author on Theme Forest, this is their description of Proton.

Proton is high quality creative theme with great style and clean code. Proton can be used for many purposes starting from minimal portfolios, agencies, freelancers and much more. Template is created and tested in all devices and works perfectly without a single issue.

You want to talk about fast loading?  That’s Neuron Themes’ Proton, absolutely.  Have a look at this.

That’s a really solid result, especially considering they didn’t leverage browser cache properly.  Do that and your site is going to load up even faster.  And with this theme, that’s going to have massive impact on your rankings.

The typography is gorgeous and easy to change if you happen to want a different option or different look.  There’s a one click demo import feature so your site can be set up quickly.  And if you need a simple, beautiful and stylish online shop, WooCommerce is fully supported with Proton.

Unique portfolio styles, clean code and fast load times.  Proton is everything it advertises itself as and I highly recommend this theme.

Want something a little different?  Well, take a look at Mango and Crate.  These are a couple other themes by the same developer as Proton and both are really great looking themes that work very well for a ton of portfolios.  Neuron Themes really does a fantastic job with minimalist themes and we know that if you love a simple, professional and fast loading theme, this one could be right for you.

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