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FacePress, Facebook Clone with Front End Submissions - Community Content Sharing


This is a really cool theme, it’s called FacePress. Now, this theme has been around for almost six years and it hasn’t been updated since 2015, but it appears to be still going strong.  I’d be surprised if ThemeForest pulls it any time soon since it actually is really unique in terms of what it does.

***EDIT – looks like the theme is no longer being supported by Cosmothemes.  Now, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold some value for some folks who really don’t want to have to use BuddyPress for their community building theme, so I’ll leave this review here.  But please keep that in mind.

I don’t think there’s another theme out there like FacePress.

Consider FacePress a mashup between Facebook and WordPress, it’s got enough features and custom styles, you may forget which site you’re on for a while.  FacePress, built by CosmoThemes and available only on ThemeForest, is an innovative and attractive WordPress theme that has a lot of cool features.  Features like a timeline, grid and list view for posts, you can enable ‘user following’ to build an author page that’s a little bit different than most, there are multiple layouts and multiple skinds too.

FacePress is easy to customize, easy to create content with and it’s highly well developed, with pristine code and fantastic documentation.  You can even allow your users to submit content with front end submissions, permitting users to create video, image, audio, text and other posts from the front end.  That’s pretty cool, especially if you’re building a community around specific niche topic.

FacePress - Community Content Sharing

FacePress isn’t a BuddyPress theme, or at least it doesn’t claim BuddyPress compatibility, but you may never need it.  (BuddyPress themes are here.)  FacePress is so similar to Facebook, you might not know the difference.  Okay, you will know the difference, but the feature set is quite similar.  Striking, really.

There are multiple layouts available, multiple skins too.  You can create unlimited custom posts, there are custom post settings too.  A user profile page, very similar to what BuddyPress can do, but it’s all done inside the theme.  That’s unique.  FacePress even allows for front end submissions, letting registered users directly post from their profile page.  Whether it’s video, images, audio text or attachments, users can post just about anything they’d like to post.

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WordPress Theme Collections

WordPress Timeline Themes, Cool Facebook Inspired Content Timelines

WordPress Timeline Themes

Inspired by Facebook timeline, the Facebook timeline style WordPress themes intend to share your work, blog or interests in a unique and trendy way. Timeline themes are popular in 2016, and it’s easy to see why.  They’re familiar to those of us who use Facebook regularly and the layout lends itself to easy to consume information and a great layout on desktop or mobile devices.  The Facebook interface has been popular and widely used by billions of people. These themes are working similar as Facebook timeline and offering more features to showcase your creative work, services and skills, highlight milestones from your career or your journey. The flexible design allows you to easily personalize your website appearance as you like and write something nice on your blog.

Timeline themes for WordPress are incredibly popular these days and it’s plain as day to see why.  They’re familiar to those of us who use Facebook regularly and the layout lends itself to easy to consume information and a great layout on desktop or mobile devices.  The Facebook interface has been popular and widely used by billions of people. These themes are working similar as Facebook timeline and offering more features to showcase your creative work, services and skills, highlight milestones from your career or your journey. The flexible design allows you to easily personalize your website appearance as you like and write something nice on your blog.

In this collection, we will showcase the best Facebook timeline style WordPress themes which are well crafted for portfolio, wedding blog, travel logs, personal resume and more in a way of Facebook timeline. Hope you will love it!

The Curator

The Curator – Premium Timeline Theme for Artists WordPress Theme Reviews

The Curator is a unique timeline based portfolio or blog theme that we could have just as easily added to our collection of educational themes for WordPress.  This theme was created with museums or artists in mind, but folks who want to educate their visitors about art history will find a lot of value in The Curator as well.  The Curator has amassed a solid rating of 4.37 on ThemeForest and with over 700 downloads, it’s proven to be quite popular.  The Curator supports touch gestures so your readers can swipe their way through your content.  Options are handled through the capable and familiar WordPress theme customizer.  There’s a parallax background support, easy post slider and more.  Solid stuff overall.

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Exposure is a WordPress full screen portfolio and timeline theme, it allows you to showcase your work with over half a dozen different portfolio variations and styles, each one a masterpiece of design work.  There are masonry or carousel layouts which really work well to make your content stand out.  Impactful, that’s what exposure is all about.  And of course, why this theme is here with the other WordPress timeline themes, the slick and interactive timeline feature is a real standout.  With Exposure, you can manage multiple galleries with gallery and showcase templates.  You’ll be able to choose from three separate blog layouts and the Exposure theme is 100% fluid and responsive, quickly adapting to any screen size.  That responsiveness is more and more important every day, since responsive themes are a ranking factor for Google.  The built in site customizer is classic, easy to use and powerful, there are built in hooks so you can add your own custom functions and Exposure supports a wide variety of post formats too.

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Throne WordPress Minimalist Business Theme

The Throne WordPress theme is obviously an impressive option for any type of professional or individual website design needs and with two blog layouts, masonry and a unique timeline blog, it’s perfect for adding to this category of WordPress themes. However, Throne’s visual minimalism and polished appearance lend themselves best to portfolio pages for any industry from art to emerging technology. It’s always nice to have options, right?  I think so.  Throne’s tasteful style does not get in the way of the content, gallery examples and products on any website so the focus is always on exactly what any freelancer or company wants site visitors to see. The Throne WP theme also offers security, reliability and ultimate responsiveness for use with all sizes of in-office machines or mobile devices. Its high-tech development and flexibility are the keys to creating stunning and powerful websites perfect for showcasing what you have to offer.

Throne makes it simple to showcase creative projects in a clean and elegant format. Multiple home and gallery templates let you customize each page for total uniqueness and function. No matter what layout or design is chosen, the main focus remains on the work. Throne offers a fresh, minimalist look that stays out of the way of content. Every page can be structurally edited with included Layout Builders or set templates for important pages like Services and About Us. With all of these options and the natural responsiveness for mobile access, the Throne WP theme offers a great option for creative professionals.

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Chronology WordPress Timeline Theme

Chronology, from the folks at MyThemeShop, is a timeline-style WordPress theme, but it’s much more than that.  It’s a gateway to another dimension, one where your posts can be shown in chronological order, taking your readers on a journey of the mind.  The lovely masonry post display, a powerful custom and attractive design, and tons of incredible features, make Chronology a perfect choice for anyone looking for a really unique way to display their content.  Chronology has also added WooCommerce support, is perfectly optimized for incredible SEO performance, as well as Adsense.  Throw in premium support and detailed documentation, and Chronology is a great choice for any site that wants a well made timeline feature to highlight content over time.  Oh yeah, Chronology is perfectly responsive too, so it’ll look wonderful on each and every device your readers use.


Ultra WordPress Portfolio Theme with Timeline feature

Want a unique way to present your posts?  How about a cool looking timeline?  With Ultra, a premium drag and drop theme builder, you can add a powerful timeline to any post via short codes.  That makes for a really interesting way to present your content, your company history or your personal history.  With Ultra, you get plenty more features that help make your site the best it can be.  Themify has included almost a dozen (and counting!) premade skins to create a different look and feel for your website.  Each one is slightly different, but a great way to present any sort of content.  For more WordPress timeline themes, try this collection.

You can import demo data with one click, change up theme settings, content, menus, widgets and more, which saves a ton of time when creating a website for yourself or a client.  Themify’s timeline module is just one of a number of great features that are included, you can display all of your posts and text as they happened throughout time, sort of like Facebook’s timeline feature.  Customize the size of text, add images, sort posts based on ID numbers, date, title, modification date or even sort randomly.  It’s really a cool way to present a wide range of content.

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monarch wordpress community theme

Monarch is an innovative theme that can be used on WordPress. It has been programmed to accommodate pages dedicated to community and social networking. Among its many features are three distinct homepage options. Users can choose the default homepage display, which combines small and medium-sized posts in three columns. There are also masonry and timeline options that offer a more symmetric display with two and three-feed columns respectively.  This particular WordPress theme is also unique because it has a widgets page where users can place any widgets of their choosing for easier content access. Then there is the live customizer, which makes interface customization a breeze. Choose color schemes, backgrounds and other display elements to make your page stand out even more.

Equipped with BuddyPress, this theme allows users to make use of special features that are reflective of social media networks from post feeds, user profiles, groups, notifications, and so much more. Additional cover page functionalities enable users to customize their pages even more with beautified headers.  Aside from ensuring that all important elements of social networking sites are made available on a page, BuddyPress also offers other support features like No Captcha reCaptcha, which adds Google’s Captcha confirmation box to the page’s registration form. What this does is prevent robot accounts from being created. It also has a liking component, allowing community members to like any post across the platform.

To foster engagement amongst community members, the theme provides access to bbPress, allowing developers to have an active discussion area within the page. With a translation tool in place, it is easy to utilize the theme for various sites catering to different audience nationalities. Finally, high-resolution content display and an infinite scrolling feature from JetPack automatically loads content when community members approach the bottom of the main page.

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Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff Timeline Theme for WordPress

Cool Stuff is a magazine and blog theme with a fun and creative timeline feature, to help show the progression of your content.  Cool Stuff has a fantastic, responsive layout that works perfectly on any web-ready device, it’s got a rad set of short codes to help deliver content the way you want to deliver it, it’s got tons of custom widgets and more.  I think one of the best things about Cool Stuff, is it’s ability to be customized.  Tesla Themes has built this theme around the Tesla Framework, which gives Cool Stuff the flexibility to allow for just about any sort of customization.  It’s simple to change out the fonts, adjust color schemes and give the functionality and style you want.  It’s all done in the handy admin panel too, so you won’t have to hack into the code to make these changes.  Cool Stuff has a really nice flat, modern design, and that means your content will shine, taking center stage and not live in the shadow of a bloated design.  And yes, we’ve included this template in the ‘Timeline themes’ section, because there’s a really sweet timeline function on the events page.  Check out the demo, it’s amazing!

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Scopic Tumblog Style timeline theme

This is Scopic, a timeline theme that was pretty obviously inspired by Tumblr’s unique style.  It’s a great theme for creatives who want to display their work in a really unique, engaging and fun way.  With perfect responsive design, Scopic looks incredible on all sizes of screens, from the smallest handheld device to massive HD displays.  Share images, videos, photos, music, quotes and so much more, all with a chronological layout that shows when everything was published.  Scopic supports tons of great post formats, embed Tweets, Flickr, Instagram and self hosted images, embed video from Youtube or Vimeo and it has SOundCloud support too.

Even if you have zero experience coding for WordPress, Scopic works well.  You can customize a wide range of style and content choices, colors, logos, fonts and more.  Everything is really simple to change up, swap out and make exactly like you want it to be.  Add widgets, reorganize the order, change colors and more in real time.  That’s pretty cool.  With embeddable media support, you can add Vimeo or YouTube clips, images from Instagram or Imgur, even Tweets.  This is a really powerful social media ready theme that can help engage with a wide range of users on all of those social platforms.  Scopic is even SEO optimized and the site loads fast, looks great and it’s a really solid choice for your website.


everline wordpress wedding theme

This is everline, which is mainly meant to be a wedding theme, but there’s a reason I’ve included it in this collection, the fun and unique timeline feature.  What that does, it tells the story, chronologically, of a couple’s journey to marriage.  I think it’s a fun and engaging way to help connect to your guests, some of whom have only known half of the happy couple for maybe only a few weeks.  Days even!  Now, even though this is styled as a wedding theme, there’s a lot that changing the images, maybe a few fonts and some of the overall design, can do to turn this into a sort of general purpose web template.  But really, it’s a wedding theme and in the event that you actually are looking for more Wedding themes for wordPress, check out our collection.

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Postline WordPress timeline theme

The Postline WordPress theme, from, is a totally responsive timeline that that was quite obviously inspired by the Facebook timeline.  The design inspiration shows through, though it’s not derivative in the least.  Timeline is a template that was specifically tailor made to highlight a variety of different post format types, quotes and images, videos and links and of course image galleries.  Post Line lets you tell your story the way you want to tell it.  This theme is purely responsive, it looks amazing on any type of device.  Post Line is easy to edit, it’s user friendly on front and back end, the navigation is clear and easy to follow.   Your readers will find it easy and fun to interact with all of your content, no matter what post type and no matter what topic your blog is about. Built for any device, Post Line could be exactly what you want, assuming you’re looking for a timeline theme for WordPress.

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Share It

share it wordpress timeline theme

Share It is one of those truly creative and interesting WordPress themes that come along only rarely, with a really unique layout that allows you to show off your content in a unique way, with a timeline.  It’s creative with it’s use of a unique and elegant timeline feature that helps tell your story in a way that will really gather a lot of attention.  This is a progressive WordPress timeline template.  Great for a video reel, a personal CV or resume theme, a wedding page, a blog about anything that could benefit from a wonderful and flexible time-line perfectly embedded in the page.  Use it for a wedding page, games reviews, culinary or foodie blog, maybe even a music blog.

Share It has well over 300 options and something over 30 separate post customizable options.  This theme is very adjustable and super simple and user friendly to work with.  You have absolute control over how you edit and customize the various timeline box sections, so you can change the look of the entire site with ease.  If you prefer them to look different than the logo, it’s relatively easy to change.  There are limitless color options too, so you can use the cool looking ‘glass’ effect you see in the demo-site.  That looks a blog modern and fun and will help your content jump off the page.


Share It is a creative and fun way to show your content in a really unique, novel way.  This theme has a progressive design, the timeline layout it really different than so many other themes out there.  This theme is great for vCards, personal portfolios, blogs, corporate timelines showing your company’s history and more.  It’s even really strong for creative works like portfolios for photography and more, culinary or music blogs, travel and gaming sites too.  I’d really like to see whatsomebody could do with Share It as a wedding theme too.  Share It is flexible, allowing full control over the timeline boxes, the entire look and feel, from fonts to colors, sizes and placement.

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WordPress Themes


Meet Timeliner, a premium timeline theme for WordPrtess, brought to you by DJMimi.

Timeliner Timeline WP Bloging Theme

That’s what the front page of Timeliner looks like, it’s clean, modern, almost minimalist. It’s also an incredible theme for building cool timeline layouts for presenting your content in a fun and different way.

Yeah, that looks pretty slick. Now, here’s how the timeline itself looks.

Timeliner Timeline WP Bloging Theme

This is one image of what it looks like as your readers scroll through your content, well ordered posts and they’re all presented chronologically.

A second shot here, nicely laid out.

Timeliner Timeline WP Bloging Theme Example 2

This is another shot, look at the way it handles various multimedia post types, I really like the design of this theme, it’s super elegant.

This theme is called Timeliner and it’s a great looking timeline template for posting your content in, well, a timeline.  Bloggers who want to present their posts in a clear and concise manner will love the epic and cool timeline style of this WordPress theme.

Timeliner is a premuim wordpress theme for the bloggers. It can be used by one or more authors. It has a clean design with a lot of features. It supports 8 post formats with a different variations for each so actually you get much more than 8 formats.

With a stunning 4.98 rating on ThemeForest, this theme is incredibly popular.  Almost 500 downloads so far and counting, who’s going to put this one over the top and hit that magic number of 500?  Will it be you?  If you want a timeline style blog, it very well could be and if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re going to love this theme.

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WordPress Themes

Time Lines - timelines

Aw yeah, it’s time for Time Lines, a premium quality eCommerce theme with a timeline feature that looks as good as it smells. Wait, something else, I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m tired.

I’ve chosen to review this them, which is called Time Lines.  It’s a great looking theme for folks who want a timeline template for WordPress.  What do you get with this theme?  Well, Time Line is an eCommerce theme, using the WooCommerce plugin to achieve a nice looking web store.   Any kind of online sales will look fantastic with Time Line and this multipurpose theme adds a blog and portfolio too, so all sorts of webmasters are going to love it.  Fresh, customizable, fun and user friendly, Time Lines is a bigtime winner.

Here’s a recent review.

Good system for support by Template Mela.  I asked many questions but there weren’t bored with me, they answered all my questions so I could fix the issues I had.  Thanks!


Here’s another one.

The theme is outstanding, a little tricky to get set up, but the team at Template Mela will install if for you and get the site looking exactly how you want it.  Remember the time difference!  So if they don’t reply back straight away, remember they’ve got to sleep as well, but when they’re around to help, they do so until you’re happy.  Would recommend this theme and company to anyone looking for a timeline theme like this and I wish I’d found it earlier in the year.

Midae Group

Good stuff, an honest review, I love to see that.

So, that’s this Time Lines theme.  What do you think could this theme be useful for you?  If you need a timeline blog, it could be an option.  We’d love to see what you do with it if you happen to decide to purchase Time Lines, so drop us a message if you do, we’ll come check your website out.

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WordPress Themes


DeerStorm – Inspire by View, a Great WordPress Timeline Template

Deerstorm never takes it’s eye off the clock, except when it’s looking at a calendar instead. Or an hourglass, Deerstorm seems to like that too.

I have no clue what Deerstorm is supposed to mean, it’s like something somebody made up because it sounds cool.  I mean, it’s two interesting words.  Deers and torm.  But together, it makes little to no sense.  That’s okay, because the design is nice.

Well, to be honest, the design is very busy.  Too busy for my taste.  It’s overly complicated, it’s crowded, there’s nothing about it that’s simple, elegant or understated.  It’s in your grill with over the top features.  That calendar may be right for some, but it’s intrusive to me, the design just isn’t good enough.

If you want a great WordPress timeline theme, check out our collection.

With just 20 sales in over a year, this theme is flat out unpopular and I guess the design is a big reason why.  It’s awkward.  It’s ungainly.  It’s plug ugly.

I mean, the reviews are okay, here’s one recent review.

I was really impressed by this theme author. Very fast response time and they went above and beyond to deliver support to me. I also really love the uniqueness of this theme – it is original and that is important when you need to stand out in the crowded worldwide web.


But others deride the slow time to respond when support is needed.

The latest comment on ThemeForest seems to hint at bigger problems with the theme.

I have several major issues that need your attention, they are all on different threads in your support section but I haven’t heard anything in almost 2 weeks. Please help, I really need to get this site up.


That question got zero reply and it was 8 months ago, so I think it’s safe to say they’re never getting a response.  Final ruling, avoid this theme like the plague.

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WordPress Themes

Time Travel, WordPress Timeline Blog and Magazine Theme

Time Travel Premium WordPress Theme

Premium blogs like this one even allow you to travel through time. Shifting time and space with a WordPress theme used to seem impossible, but now, I guess anything goes?

Here’s a second attractive demo style.

Time Travel Premium WordPress Theme v2

This one is really unique, when you scroll through with the mouse wheel ,you actually zoom through these images, it’s kind of crazy. That’s the demo version on the left as you check out the demo page below.

Are you looking for a completely innovative wordPress theme, one that’s completely out of the ordinary?  What about a theme that allows you to present your content with a cool timeline?  That’s what this theme, Time Travel is all about.  It’s completely novel and it looks amazing on all devices, because it’s totally responsive.  This is what the theme developer says about Time Travel.

Time Travel Timeline WordPress Theme is a next generation website, developed both on the edge of technology and design. The built-in voice control makes it both revolutionary and at the same time super intuitive to use. You can set up your own language to be used in the voice commands control, so it is as easy as possible for your visitors. The design of the site is a 3D time travel path, ideal to display chronology data, posts flow by date, history info or just any type of timeline content in a trendy and memorable way.

it has a unique look & feel and will ideally suit your needs if you are looking for a blog, portfolio site, corporate site aiming to display the history of company or brand, artist portfolio to display albums / films / books in a chronological way, agency website to showreel they projects and team by date and many more. Responsive and ready to use as a Facebook application.

This is the first theme of this kind in Themeforest, so if you are looking for uniqueness this is your product. What you’ll get is a progressive website that will turn into a proper web signature of your work.

Time Travel is really pretty amazing, with voice control that’s supported in the Chrome browser, 19 amazing color schemes, 14 voice commands, a pair of post styles, flexible post order, a powerful drag and drop page builder and a ton more.  This theme is ready for anything you throw at it and your posts will be alluring and impactful, because the theme is so radically different from anything else on the market.

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WordPress Themes


Postline WordPress timeline theme

This theme is called Postline, it’s by one of my favorite theme authors, Themify.  They’ve really hit this one out of the ballpark, to be honest, and I know you’re going to love this theme.  Let’s have a look at what Themify has to say about Postline.

Inspired by Facebook’s Timeline, Postline is a responsive WordPress theme designed to capture different types of post formats like quotes, videos, images, galleries, and many more, allowing you to tell your story on any resolution, whether desktop or mobile device. In addition, Postline is built with infinite scrolling, meaning posts are loaded automatically when you hit the bottom of the page. For those who would rather not have the Timeline layout, the regular layouts are available such as 4-column, 3-column, 2-column, or list post.

All of Themify’s themes have a few features in common, a powerful drag and drop page builder that allows you to create any sort of design or layout you want, adding tons of features and other cool stuff.  Video backgrounds, parallax scrolling images, slick animations and more.  There’s the one click demo data import, which helps get your site up and running fast.  You’ve got the customization panel for easy changing of the look and feel of your site.

Themify’s templates are packed with hooks, so you can add banner advertisements anywhere you want.  The theme updates automatically, you can set up your logo with just a few clicks.  Themify’s themes are SEO optimized for fast loading and high ranking, Google fonts are included as well as a bundle of social media icons.  Translate a Themify theme into any language, thanks to WPML and you can even establish a WooCommerce based shop with a Themify theme.

Pretty neat!

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WordPress Themes


LineTime Clean and Modern Timeline Blog Theme

Linetime provides an elegant, classy solution for those who want to solve the problem of how to present material in the order it was created. That’s what a timeline theme is all about.

When you go to release your timeline template for WordPress, you need a great name.  All the big ones have been taken, TimeLine, Timeliners, Time Line, etc, so what di developer DJMimi do?  Well, they just reversed the name TimeLine and made this one LineTime.  Get it?

DJMimi is no rookie when it comes to creating great timeline themes for WordPress, so this one comes highly recommended and here’s what they say about their newest theme.

LineTime is modern time line theme which will really stand out your blog and will give your visitors nice perspective of your blogging. It is designed with great care so you, your authors and your visitors can enjoy. It is ready for multiple authors. It is equipped with nice shortcodes pack so you can create nice blogs. You can see list of features bellow.

Unlimited colors are one feature, featured sliders are another.  This theme is widget ready, you can translate it using WPML and it’s even ready for multiple authors.  Self hosted video is completely supported, though you can also embed videos with ease, whether it’s You Tube, Vimeo or Daily Motion, even some others if you choose.  LineTime supports image galleries and embedded sound files from sites like MixCloud or SoundCloud.

LineTime gets rave reviews for it’s code quality, the design style, support and documentation too, so I think it’s a great pick for your timeline based blog site.

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WordPress Themes


Florida Professional WordPress Theme

Professional, simple, clean and elegant, pretty much everything the state of Florida isn’t, this theme is called Florida and it’s warm and tastes like oranges.

This is Florida and it’s completely revamped from the previous versions, so if that’s all you’re familiar with, this is utterly different.  I’ll get into what’s new with this template, but first, the description as provided by the developer, Webnus.

Florida is a Responsive, Retina-Ready WordPress theme with a minimalist, simple, elegant and clean style, a strong focus on contents and readability. It presents a modern business solution. Florida is suitable for multipurpose websites such as business, company, portfolio or blog. It is superbly responsive adapting to any kinds of smart phones and mobile devices. Code is easy to modify and understand so you can personalize it in the easiest way. Florida is fully integrated with the visual composer. This awesome page builder lets you to create complex layouts of your pages and posts with simple drag-n-drop interface.

A complete overhaul from the ground up is quite the undertaking and considering the 2000+ installations of this theme that are out there, it’s a big risk too.  You can really alienate some people if they like the way it was and now you’re changing things up.  But before I hit the panic button, let’s see what those changes are.

They added 4 new design templates, which is very nice of them to do.  Three new header styles are added too, as well as ten great new shortcodes.  Oh yeah, a single page version is also now available, which is great, that means I can put this theme in our collection of single page WordPress themes.

But why we’re all here, the amazing timeline portfolio support, which I can’t get over.  It just looks so incredible I know you’re really going to go nuts for it, just click that demo button to see for yourself.

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WordPress Themes


Chronology WordPress Timeline Theme

When you want a great looking timeline theme, there aren’t a ton of options. Fortunately, Chronology is a great option. Check it out.

Chronology is a timeline style WordPress theme that allows for masonry post displays, with a fun and user friendly design that’s ultra-customizable.  Simple and easy to use?  You better believe it, Chronnology is from MyThemeShop, who are known for offering themes with the highest level of usability, style and functionality.  Chronology offers WooCommerce support and it’s SEO optimized and works perfectly with AdSense, to help monetize your blog.
What about features?  Well, it’s responsive, displaying your unique timeline blog perfectly on all devices.  The theme options panel is a rich resource for applying changes and tweaks to your site, making it completely custom in it’s style.  Speaking of custom, how about a bunch of custom widgets for recent and popular posts, among many others.  Shortcodes, they’re all there too, so post and page formatting is fast and flexible.  Chronology is translation ready too, so you can showcase your chronologically ordered posts in any language you see fit.
Clean code, unlimited color schemes, a lightbox for promoting your multimedia content, unlimited different backgrounds.  It all makes Chronology one of the best timeline themes around and it’s an absolute bargain at $69 per license.
Check out a couple reviews of Chronology, they really tell the tale of how great this theme is.
MyThemeShop support is the best in the industry.  Most of my queries have been andwered within 15 minutes and I couldn’t be happier.  Kudos and please keep it up.
Adnan Bhatt
Or this one.
I love almost all themes of My Theme Shop because of the appealing look, fast loading and responsiveness.  I am using MTS themes for all my niche and authority sites.  I must say the Support of MTS is tremendously good and fast.
MSI Sakib
So, that’s that, Chronology in a nutshell.  What do you think about it?