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Tahoe WordPress Theme

This theme is called Tahoe and it’s a portfolio theme that’s got a really cool, unique style.  Now, sometimes, folks mistake interesting images for the actual design of the theme itself, so you should note that the front page is an edited image, that’s not procedurally created in the theme itself.  That’s a pretty neat trick, I’d say.

Now that that’s out of the way.

Tahoe has over 20 different portfolio layouts, it’s WooCommerce ready, user-friendly and easy to manage.  This adaptable theme can work for all sorts of creative agencies too.

One weird thing that sort of caught my attention.

This theme is an excellent choice for absolutely all creatives, from freelancers to design studios. Get Kodell and let your creativity shine!

Kodell is the name of a different theme for sale on ThemeForest, but it’s not one that this developer made.  Weird that they’d make that mistake.  My mom used to call me by my brother’s name, but never by my friend’s name, you know?  I’d say that’s sort of a bad sign.

Okay, how about a look at some of the designs?

Here’s the main home page.

Tahoe WordPress Agency Theme, Clean, Crisp

Here’s the justified grid portfolio style.

Tahoe Justified Grid Portfolio

As compared to the masonry grid, which has no borders.

Tahoe Masonry Blog Theme

And finally, something a little different, the clean and minimal style agency demo.

Humidity WordPress Theme Tahoe

Well, that’s all for now.  We’ll be back shortly with more Top Notch themes for your approval.  Or, for our approval, I suppose?  Anyway, have fun.  Take care, comb your hair.

I’ve just gone back to look at the reviews of this theme and I think my Spidey sense was right, it only gets a 3.75 rating out of 5 stars, which simply isn’t good enough.

Here’s what one review said.  Keep in mind, this person actually purchased the theme, so I think they know what they’re talking about.

A lot of bugs, done poorly, not all functions work, I had to manually finish everything, communication with support is long

I think there are too many good themes out there to settle for this one.  How about a collection of WordPress grid themes to tide you over?  Those are all highly rated, highly respected themes that should work for any purpose.

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