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Tessa, Modern WordPress Theme for Magazines



Tessa, bold, Geometric WordPress Theme

Tessa is the name of this next to the theme of, it was built for online blogs and magazines. I think it does a great job of presenting your content in a stylish and attractive. This thing is also WooCommerce ready, making it a strong choice for selling products. It really is a nice blend of different features and functionality, helping you present your products or your posts and pages in a really elegant and attractive Style. Well this is themes developer is a bit of a newcomer to WordPress, they have a very solid overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars. I think that that means this team is one to keep an eye on, even if I am not ready to stick it into any of our collections yet. Hopefully, the reviews come in and this is a well-received theme and I can add it to one of our full-blown theme collections. But, that’s for the future.  For now, it’s just this review.

This brief description by the theme developer does a good job of giving you an idea of what Tessa is all about.

Tessa is a multi-concept personal blog & magazine WordPress theme. It is carefully designed to follow the trends of today’s modern web while providing full support for new WordPress 5 block editor. Tessa theme is for you creative people, helping you to tell your stories and present your blog the way it should be. Let’s make your blog the source of inspiration. This theme can be easily installed to start your personal or magazine blog.

The Best Part is that this theme is fully responsive on iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets and you can use this theme with typography only. That is no need for featured images if you don’t have any.

Now, let’s look at the front page. I think it’s clean, well organized and well-designed. You can see that there is prominent placement for advertisements, helping to monetize your blog or magazine. If you don’t want the advertisement in that location, you can always use widgets to place it just about anywhere you want on the page. Monetizing website is important, but you don’t want it to get in the way of the content and I believe that Tessa does a fantastic job of that Balancing Act.

Tessa, Modern WordPress Theme for Magazines

We’ve built several collections of themes that are similar to this one, just in case Tessa is not perfect for your needs. Well I could have put this into the collection of WooCommerce themes, blog themes or magazine themes, I do believe that it is almost ideal for personal blog sites. So, check out that collection to find more themes that are very similar to this, even if they offer different styles and slightly different features. That’s what makes WordPress so interesting, there’s always something a little bit different out there. If you don’t find what you need immediately, you can always search for more themes in any of our theme collections.

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