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TheBox, Subscription Box WordPress Theme



TheBox, Beauty Subscription Box WordPress Theme

TheBox is the name of this WordPress theme and it’s a really unique one I think you’re going to enjoy.

This theme is trying to fill a niche that has become quite popular lately, that of the subscription box service. There are tons of different subscription boxes out there and some of the more famous ones are incredibly popular. They have thousands and thousands of monthly subscribers who purchase the subscriptions to see the latest trends in a wide variety of niches.

Whether you are into the newest cosmetics, socks, candy or coffee, barbecue sauce or hot sauces, it seems that there is a subscription box out there for you. There are also incredibly unique boxes. T-shirts, earrings, can Koozies or coolers. I called them Koozies, some folks call them coolers. There are book boxes, fabric boxes, even subscription boxes for underwear. Like I said, there’s something for everybody out there.

Here’s a brief little introduction by the theme developer, giving you a sort of rundown about what this template is all about.

We recognize you and design our themes according to your needs. Just stay focused on your business. Add a professional look to your company with virtually unlimited design choice. Take your business a step further. Build your website with one click. Prepare your website in minutes with an understandable management panel. No coding required.

And, of course, you’ll need to see what this theme looks like to get a better understanding of what it brings to the table. I think that it’s got a nice, feminine style to it, though your images are really going to drive the overall look and feel of the website.

TheBox, WordPress Theme for Subscription Boxes

If you are interested in more themes like this one, we will certainly try to put together a roundup of the best subscription box templates out there. Currently, I don’t know too many others, so this is going to have to do it for you. Perhaps you would be interested in our collection of eCommerce themes. I’m certain that some of those could work really well for selling subscription boxes, even if they are not a purpose built theme for that type of website.

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