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Top Notch Themes Alia, Minimalist Personal Blog Theme



, Top Notch Themes Alia, Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

If you’re one of those people who’s looking for a minimal portfolio theme, I think you’re in the right place.  Alia is just one of the dozens of themes we recommend for building a minimalist masterpiece.  Alia provides a nice looking, simple and rustic template for your content, making sure the design doesn’t overshadow your posts, pages, portfolio items and images.  Hey, if you’re trying to connect with your readers, having a distraction free way to present your content is always a fine idea.  That’s the idea behind Alia.

For just about any type of content, a clean and minimal presentation can do a lot to make it really interesting and really engaging. Minimal style themes make sure the focus is squarely on your content, right where it belongs. The themes that we have chosen are all quite powerful, very simple to customize and expandable. You can use any plug-in that you like to extend the functionality of WordPress and to give your website a truly custom look. hopefully in that collection you will find dozens of options to build a very successful website.