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Tracian WordPress Theme for Wine Shops

This WordPress theme is finely crafted, offers over a dozen different widgets and visual composer elements that make it stand apart from the crowd. Speaking of standing, your readers will be standing at attention thanks to the classic design of this wine shop theme. It even includes the PSD files for those who want to really customize things to look completely unique for Branding efforts. I think this team has a subtle elegant that lends itself to the wine business perfectly. You can judge for yourself though, check out the links below to see the demo page and learn more.

I’ve seen quite a few wine shop and Vineyard related WordPress themes lately and Tracian is among the most simple and elegant that I have seen. This is a finely crafted WordPress theme it supports WooCommerce and has a nice light setting contrasting with the darker footer which makes the site ambience quite alluring and appealing. This theme features plenty of different winery specific elements, it has large fonts and a spacious layout to focus your reader’s attention on your content.

This is what the developer has to say about Tracian.

Beautifully crafted Wine WordPress theme best suitable for vineyard, winery and wine websites. The template is 1170px wide with a light setting in contrast with dark footer which makes the site’s ambiance more elegant and sophisticated. Features a multitude of business specific elements, large fonts and a spacious layout in order to help you gain focus on the website content.

And now, I’ll look at the front page of this e-commerce gem.

Tracian WordPress Wine Shop Themes

We found plenty of other WordPress themes that are perfectly suited for the wine industry, Vineyards and wineries. If you’d like to have a look at those themes, have a look at this collection. We continue to add to everything that we have created so that you have fresh assortment of themes to choose from. We will keep adding new themes as soon as we find them. I have a feeling this particular theme is going to make the grade and we will probably be featuring it in our collection in the very near future. Stay tuned for more great wine shop themes and thanks for reading.

Tracian is a fresh and sparkling wine theme for WordPress. Great for a new generation of wineries, this theme offers five gorgeous homepage Styles, each one presenting you are offerings in a slightly different way. In terms of flexibility, you can extend the variety of looks to the header. This theme includes five different hairstyles, each one helping you to build a clean and attractive frame for your content. The shop page is equally clean and well-organized, perfectly styled for WooCommerce. The wine product page is everything that you need to review different wines. With specific Fields built for every possible element of a wine, this team is purpose-built to work hand-in-hand with all available plugins and add-ons that can help extend the functionality of this site.

I think that our collection of wine themes is one of the finest on the internet, we have gathered up a whole bunch of amazing themes that make it possible to sell wine online, give folks wine reviews or promote your Winery or Vineyard. These themes are all of the highest quality, making it possible to connect with your readers and give them exactly what they have been looking for.

Great information about wine.

There are so many different WordPress themes out there, selecting the right one can be sort of a chore. Making it easier is our list of themes that we have already pre-selected, making sure that they are all very high quality and very easy to use.

Delivering a great user experience, that’s a big part of what makes any website successful. With this collection, you can be guaranteed that your website is going to look fantastic on all devices, each and every theme that we review is perfectly responsive. Do you want to talk about user-friendliness? Well then, you will certainly want a theme that is easy to customize and easy to adapt. Adding new features should not be difficult, that’s what makes WordPress themes so attractive.

There are all kinds of add-ons and plug-ins that you can install to give your website any sort of feature or function that you could possibly want. Wine shop themes should have some specific features that are unique to wine shops. That is certainly the case with every theme in our collection. So, have a look at those themes and let us know what you think. If we can just the great theme, let us know about it in the comments section and we will be certain to add it to our collection at our earliest convenience. Thanks for your attention on this matter and we will be back shortly with more outstanding WordPress wine shop themes.

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