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Typograph, Text Centric WordPress Writing Theme



Typograph, Wordpress Writer's Theme

I was really excited when I first saw this theme on ThemeForest, because I’m super into typography.  Typography is simply the style and appearance of printed material, but it’s a really underrated think.  Typography is a huge part of graphic design and it’s often overlooked.  So many WordPress themes, and websites in general, concentrate so much on images that typography is overlooked.

Not with Typograph.

Here’s what the theme’s developer says about their theme.

Typograph is a content focused WordPress theme. Typograph is designed to look great with no images at all, solving the problem of finding the quality graphics for many users, at the same it becomes even more beautiful with images and other media content. The future of WordPress is with Gutenberg editor, and with Typograph you can feel the full power of it.

This theme really accentuates your text and that helps create a very timeless design.  Clean lines, fast loading pages, memorable user experience, that’s what Typograph delivers.  Typograph doesn’t completely ignore images, it’s just not for the concentration is centered. Text is the real star of the show and Typograph does a great job of making or headlines very legible and important, your body text just is readable and well-defined. You can still choose to incorporate images in your blog posts, always and excellent idea, but your headlines are what are really going to grab the attention of your reader. I think that this template does a great job of walking that fine line between being type heavy and incorporating images.

Here’s a look at the home page.

Typograph – Content Focused Gutenberg WordPress Blog Theme

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