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Unite, Old School, Veteran WordPress Blog Theme

September 18, 2018

It’s sort of surprising we haven’t tackled the Unite WordPress theme review yet.  I mean, the thing has been out since 2010, practically the infancy of WordPress.  And it’s by a great theme maker, Parallelus (the same developer as the poorly named, very expensive theme Pile.) **EDIT – Oops, parallelus didn’t create Pile, that’s actually Pixel Grade.

Now, styles change, tastes evolve.  I’ll say this, the Unite theme looks like something straight out of the past at this point.  Nowadays, everything is very flat, very minimalist and clean.  Back in 2010, the boxed layout with a lot of embellishments was King.  (Not to be confused with our free, flat and minimalist theme King, haha.)

Anyway, here’s a look at it.

Unite Boxed Theme for WordPress

The thing is, does everything *need* to look exactly the same?  Is it a problem that this Unite theme looks a little older?  A little more ornate and complicated?  I personally think it’s fine.

para.llel.us-Blog- A Premium WordPress Theme

So, it’s a little different at this point.  Personally, I think that’s a great thing.  If everything looked the same, it’d all be underscores basic design with different colors or something.

Unite is clean, it’s organized and it’s crisp, remaining strong in the face of wave after wave of new themes coming along to try to knock it off it’s pedestal.  But Unite remains free!  Not really free in the zero price sense of the word, but free as in having freedom.  For WordPress free themes, you know what to do.

This is a premium WordPress theme with 5 pre-made skins including a dark theme and textured background theme. The theme is easy to modify and ready to be up and running out of the box. The PSD files included have been customized to allow fast skinning.

That’s what Parallelus said about their own theme.  The reviews are generally positive, with over 5000 downloads and a 4.52 rating.

Parallelus has created a theme that doesn’t rely on plugins like Visual Composer to achieve that organized, polished look and the various possible layouts.  The theme is completely bloat free.

Now, the bad news.  Parallelus no longer supports the Unite theme, which is a shame, it served bravely for so long.  That’s not to say it can’t be functional for your website, but don’t expect a lot of help getting things done.  Some great things have to come to an end and Unite is no different I suppose.

Still, not a bad theme.

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