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VideoRev WordPress Multimedia and Video Theme



VideoRev WordPress Video Theme

This theme is called video VideoRev, short for Video Revolution, and it’s a responsive WordPress theme that suitable for videos, movies, movie news, video magazines or video blogs. With tons of powerful features for video.

VideoRev is going to bring an entirely new experience to your world. VideoRev works perfectly with WooCommerce and I really enjoy the different styles available for your online shop. VideoRev works with the paid membership Pro plugin to allow you to create different membership levels on your website to restrict content and video to specific membership levels. There’s also recurring payments and introductory prices available.  For more outstanding video WordPress themes, check out our full collection.  There’s a ton of stuff in there and you’re going to love it.

VideoRev WordPress Video and Magazine Theme

This thing works great with Amazon Associates, the world’s most popular, there’s a smart and flexible light box video and even video advertising. You can create a sticky video that can remain visible even as your visit or Scrolls down the page.

There’s a drag and drop front end page builder, Elementor, that allows you to build an infinite number of layouts for any post or page. You can create video series, video podcasts, fetch data from video clips automatically and a lot more.

One really interesting feature is the social Locker. This allows you to lock your content behind a set of social networking buttons. Until a visitor likes, shares, gives you a plus one or tweets your page, they can’t access your video. It’s a great way to help build your social network.

With this incredible WordPress theme you can create YouTube live broadcasts, automatically creating a list of different live streaming videos from YouTube.

There’s an IMDb rating plug in, Facebook or Discus comments and this theme works perfectly with both buddypress and bbpress, so it’s like a social network in a box. Even though it’s not really in a box. It’s in a file, but that’s okay.

I don’t know what else to say about the VideoRev WordPress theme that I haven’t already said so I guess I’ll wrap this up but if you are looking for an amazing WordPress video theme you might have just found it.

Now if you like to look at some other cool, professional WordPress video themes, we’ve built a whole collection that you might be interested in.

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