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What’s the Best Kind of Hosting for WordPress? Free? Shared? Dedicated? VPS?




I just saw this big tutorial on how to select hosting for your WordPress website, picking between all the different options like Free hosting, shared, dedicated and VPS hosting.  They’ve answered a lot of questions that people have, like what is web hosting, do I need web hosting and more.  Check out an excerpt.

This is the section debunking the idea that free hosting is the best.

Free Hosting, That Sounds Best, Right?

Well free is a very good price, and you sometimes get what you pay for. The problem with free web hosting services is that there is always a catch. In this case, there are quite a number of drawbacks to consider.

  • Advertisements – Most of the time, free web hosting will force your visitors to see advertisements that you’re not interested in showing them.  When they give you something for free, somebody’s got to pay for all those pixels and that’s how these companies work.  They show ads that get clicked on a few times a day and they make a few cents per click.  If you want the flexibility to show your own ads, or no advertisements at all, a free host isn’t a great fit.
  • Limited Traffic – A lot of times, the free web hosting services will limit the amount of traffic that you can get per day. For very small sites, this is not a big deal, you probably won’t bump into that limit. However, everyone’s goal is to drive as much traffic as they can to their site. With a lot of hard work, you can very easily surpassed those limits that are placed on your site and that can be a real detriment to growing your business.
  • Poor Performance – What’s more, many of the free hosting companies will actually limit the speed that your page loads at. You will oftentimes got a very poorly performing site that loads up slow and that can deliver a user experience that people or not into. Having a faster living site keeps people more engaged and keeps them from hitting the back button right when they appear on your site.
  • Limited Features – While a lot of free hosting companies offer eCommerce, it’s not a guarantee. If you are trying to sell products or services, these free sites are not a great option. Also, sort of going along with that, they just aren’t all that professional. If you’re building a business, you want to earn trust and that can be a whole lot easier with even a cheap web host. That way, you can offer all the features that you need.
  • You’re Locked In – If you want to move your website, it can be pretty difficult to export your content to another hosting company, which can be a pain. If you only have a few posts, you can always just copy and paste, but if you’ve created hundreds or even thousands of posts and pages, that can get old in a hurry.

Considering all of these disadvantages, a cheap web hosting account can really pay for itself quickly, just a few dollars a month and you’ll have a great-looking site, more flexibility and you’ll be able to display only what you want to display to your visitors.

So, hopefully that answers some questions a lot of folks seem to want to ask.