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White Label, Ultra Clean WordPress Business Theme



White Label WordPress Theme

White label is a clean and neutral WordPress theme that is great for all kinds of web businesses, startups and web services as well. This template uses a modular framework, WPTF, and it gives you plenty of unique customization options with over 1000 different choices that can be made. With that many different options, you might assume that this theme is unwieldy or difficult to customize, but that’s simply not the case.

For businesses and websites that want a clean and crisp presentation of all types of content, from events and activities to creative work, Consulting companies, videos, application promotion and general corporate business, White Label is a fantastic, multi-purpose team that really answers the call.  Almost everything can be adapted and changed from the convenient and user-friendly admin panel.

Here’s a look at one of the front pages, keep in mind that there are over a hundred and twenty five different pages included with this theme. That makes it one of the largest, most complete WordPress themes I’ve ever seen. There are also over 15 different portfolio variations with an almost infinite number of customizations that you can make. There are four thousand different icons included, 75 Advanced components to add more functionality to your website as well as 13 different headers to organize your menu and Logo information. This team has tremendous amount of documentation and more.

Here’s a good look at one of those front pages.

White Label Clean Theme for Modern Web Businesses

I love the simplicity of the White Label theme, but there are many people who might not appreciate the clean, corporate style of it. If you want to see more choices of minimalist themes, check out our Roundup of dozens of the best Simple and Clean templates that have plentiful features, great support and extensive documentation. These things are great for beginners and experts alike, user-friendly and ready to go right out of the box.

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