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WorldMart, Full Service SEO Friendly WordPress eCommerce Theme



World Mart eCommerce, Retail Theme

This theme is called World Mart, it is a sleek and attractive WordPress theme for building high quality eCommerce website for yourself or, for a client. The choice is up to you. This is a team that is absolutely packed with features, functionality and pre-made designs to help make your life just a little bit easier. There are multiple different header and footer options, the powerful admin panel for customizing your website, Mega menu support comedy Jax powered shopping cart and a whole lot more. Unlimited colors, multiple product page variations and professional support come with your download package. I think this theme could be a pretty good starting point for I really well-designed shopping page or retail store website.

Here’s a category page.  Tons of information, just a tad bit overloaded, I think.  But big stores do tend to have a ton of information and I guess this World Mart theme is trying to appear like an AliBaba clone or something.

It is very similar.

World Mart WordPress eCommerce, Retail Theme

Okay, that’s that, a physical look at the theme.  Now, what’s under the hood?

When you first go to the site, here’s the first text you see as they’re trying to hype the theme.

If you faced a problem with installation, importing sample data or configuration our theme, please, don’t leave a bad review. Firstly, visit our support page and try to find a solution to your problem. Or you can create a new topic and we will help you as soon as possible.

That’s faint praise if I’ve ever heard it.  I mean come on, just make sure you get the thing right, don’t be begging for ratings.  Yikes, come on Kute Themes.

So, looking at the other themes Kute Themes has created, they get good reviews.  With over 10k downloads, they’re popular, and most of their themes that have enough votes to rank are in the 4.5 to 4.9 range.  Strong reviews, I don’t think they need to be begging for stars.

And that’s just about all the info they give on the theme.  Just a note about not leaving a bad review.

I get it, it’s tough to spend a long time on a theme and then get it tanked with a couple bad reviews.  But still.

I’ll do their work for them, I guess.  Kute Themes has ensured that World Mart has tons of widgetized areas, which are my preferred way of adding features and flexibility to a theme.  Multiple page styles help make this theme a real multi-purpose design.  There’s, of course, eCommerce too.  WooCommerce is the shopping cart of choice for WordPress, but you can use any of the leading cart plugins and any addons with no problems or compatibility issues.  Addons like the YITH wishlist, compare and quick view are all supported.  Man, WooCommerce is great.

Visual Composer is included and there are more than a dozen shortcodes specifically made for Visual Composer.  Revolution slider, multiple languages, simple and user friendly theme options panel and more little gimmicks and addons.

So, I do like this theme.  It’s obviously not even close to a simple, sleek and minimalist theme, but sometimes, that’s not what you want.  So if you can afford to have a busy website with tons and tons of information, you could benefit from World Mart.  If you just have a handful of products like SaaS, apps or other digital goods, I’d stick to something simpler.

Oh boy, holy slow load times Batman!

World Mart Pingdom Melbourne

Okay, so that’s from Melbourne.  Here’s the San Jose test, a lot closer to home.

World Mart Pingdom test

And a lot better, but that’s still flat out slow.  I don’t get it.  I mean they’ve got a ton of images and other stuff on this page, but that’s just slow as molasses in January.  Like a sloth on a tricycle.  Slow as a ball of mud.  I feel like they may have added a little too much to this theme, but your mileage may vary.  For more retail WordPress themes, check out this collection.

Let us know if you like this theme and how it works for you.  Thanks!

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