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Wrap WordPress Video Portfolio an Movie Trailer Theme



Wrap Video Portfolio WordPress Theme

Wrap is a WordPress theme that you might look at and think to yourself, there’s not really a lot to look at here. And you’d be right. This theme is quite plain and its style, but I think that could make it very appealing for some people. Wrap is all about your content, not about excluding its own style. There’s nothing or Nate or complicated about this amazing theme, it’s uncluttered and classy, lean and mean, it’s a great way to showcase your videos. Get away from the humdrum websites and entertain your viewers with a scintillating and distinct Style, a fun and user-friendly layout as well as a feature filled template that is completely spiffy.  Speaking of spiffy, this theme would work amazingly well as a WordPress portfolio theme.  Check it out.

Wrap has 3 home page layouts as well as several content Discovery features. There’s also a neat media playback pop up so you can offer your. Wrap has a Cutting Edge, feature filled style that lets you make visually stunning video blogs or video magazines with absolutely no coding skills needed. The same comes packed with tons of features to help your visitors stay engaged, reading and watching what you have to offer.

Wrap, Multimedia WordPress Video Theme with Bootstrap Code

This Modern and clean template has a variety of color schemes and fonts that you can choose from, there are different listing layouts, category pages and a variety of post layouts. Wrap was crafted mainly with video in mind, but it could be used as a standard type of blog as well. Steam has a perfect rating so far and I think this is a theme Tesla should be proud of.

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