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Zaker, Beautiful My Stock Photo Shop



Zaker WordPress Theme

Designed for photographers, this theme is perfect for a freelance photographer who wants to make a little bit of cash by selling stock photos, or perhaps even start a stock photograph Marketplace. I think it’s a really interesting idea and that’s just about all that I have to recommend about the theme.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t like the design of it, I think it is a strange layout that doesn’t make it clear what the website is about. I mean, this is supposed to be a stock photography website, but all of the above the fold real estate is taken up by text and social media links. You have to scroll down before you see an image, and it fills the entire screen, and then some. I would much prefer a grid style homepage, which would at least allow you to see more than one image at a time.

Zaker My Stock Photo Shop

It’s not that they ¬†missed out once, they actually created five different homepage styles and absolutely none of them show more than 3 images at a time. If you check out their marketplace demo style, it’s a little bit different it has a grid of up to eight images. But for a stock photography website, I just don’t think that’s enough. There are other little things that they’ve done poorly, little attention to detail that weren’t, well, attended to. This theme has only sold 3 times since it came out, despite the fact that it could work with any digitally downloadable product, the fact that it works perfectly with bbPress and is WooCommerce ready as well. I think that that, to me, indicates that it’s just not well-liked. Fortunately, there are tons of other great themes that are similar to this one, but don’t have many of the drawbacks that I have listed.

This is a really unique e-commerce WordPress theme, but there are plenty of others that are kind of similar. I think that any of the themes in our collection of e-commerce templates could be great for helping you build a successful online shop. With as much competition as there is out there, you need every little advantage that you can get and any of the high-quality e-commerce themes in our collections will be beneficial to you.

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