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Originally called this WordPress theme ‘Cancer’, which is an incredibly stupid thing. I’m going to take a hard pass on this one just based on that. Frankly, I need no other reason to reject any theme.

But, if you should happen to be looking for a nice looking thing with a terrible original name, the Zodiac might be a good choice. This thing that has been only on the market for about a year and a week and it’s been downloaded 7 times. That’s not good at all.

Zodiac has all the creativity, style and flexibility you could possibly need to craft a really lovely, creative website for your portfolio or business.  If you want to introduce your work to the world, you’ll want a theme that’s up to the challenge, one that will help make your work stand out.  That’s what Zodiac is all about.

With this theme, you can configure almost any aspect that you see, from the accent colors and fonts to the layout itself. This team that uses the Redux ain’t options panel, that means almost everything is very simple to adjust and adapt it to fit your needs. With visual composer support, there’s even more flexibility in terms of layouts. I think that for Creative websites, landing pages, minimal or more complex portfolios, even the cards or resume websites, Zodiac is a nearly perfect solution.

Perhaps others were as turned off by the name as I was?  Who knows, I’m through thinking about this template.

Zodiac Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Zodiac Studio is certainly a beautiful and creative WordPress theme, but it might not perfectly fit your branding. If that’s the case, we’ve built an extensive Roundup of dozens of great creative portfolio themes. In our collection of portfolio templates, you’ll find some of the best teams out there for WordPress. Each one of them can help to make your content look fabulous and help you develop new business. Your online presence is incredibly important and having a great looking web template is a perfect first step toward building a highly successful, lucrative creative career.

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