Zwin Personal vCard Template for WordPress
This Zwin theme is a wonderful way for designers and creatives of all sorts to create their own personal portfolio or CV showcase, with tons of social media integration, a really nice learning curve and tons of features, you’ll be running your new CV site in no time flat.

Zwin is for creative people who want to share their blog, portfolio, resumé and personal profile in one place.  Zwin is professional as can be, it’s a WordPress resumé template with a style that’s somewhere in between minimalist and full on material design.  The colors can be switched up easily and that helps make your site look different from anybody else’s site.  Now, Zwin offers full social media engagemend, which is so important these days.  You can choose to just add the major social icons, things like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or you can go nuts with social media links to places like Dribbble, Vimeo, Instagram and more.

What does the developer have to say about this wildly popular vCard theme that boasts over 2000 downloads and more coming every day?

It’s simple! Just download and install in a few minutes, you can show your online card to your friend, customer or employer in an interview by phone or tablet. Because Zwin is a responsive wordpress theme, you can view your website on pc as well as handheld devices. You can also link to your social profiles, display your portfolio in many media format such as image, youtube video, flash…. From the back-end, you can choose skin for your website. Zwin supports 5 unique color skins (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Purple).

I love the sound of that.

I should note that while Zwin is wildly popular, the reviews have been mixed at best.  It gets only a 3.78 star rating out of 5, so there are a lot more highly rated vCard themes around.  In fact, it would appear that the developer has abandoned this theme to the scrapheap.

Listen to this:

The theme doesn’t work with encrypted WordPress websites and crashes your whole installation! I would not suggest to buy it as in addition the support doesn’t help you very good with occurring problems.


Not ideal.  Oh, this is priceless.

I’m interested in purchasing this theme. It hasn’t been updated in a while though and it seems the author has abandoned it months ago. Their support system also doesn’t seem to work properly. A little worried here .. any advice? I’m just gonna swing it and purchase the theme. At least i have some expectations, even if low.


Haha, good luck buddy, I hope it worked out for you okay.

So, I guess I’m not going to recommend this theme anymore.  Shame, it looks nice.

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